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A deeply satisfying listening experience: Our review of Creatures by Faultress

faultress creatures ep

Forget ASMR, Creatures by eclectic artist Faultress is an EP of deeply satisfying sounds.

Designed especially for headphones, Creatures was produced by award-winning producer, Agon Branza. The fluttering panning, thick layered harmonies and noises keep you on your toes, so you never know what’s coming.

The EP combines folky choral harmonies and melodies with electronic sounds. It is almost entirely acapella, which I find a real treat today where so much music, particularly pop, is overly busy. Faultress gives us the space to take in the words and melody as it is. The whole EP lasts only 8 minutes 41 seconds, and each song blends seamlessly into the next. I only wish it went on for longer.

The intertwining harmonies in Shrew, my favourite track, are thick and lush and make for a great EP finale.

Overall, Creatures is a listening experience every audiophile should indulge in, preferably with a decent pair of headphones.

Listen here:

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