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Feminist mummycore band I, Doris release theme-song single, 'Just Some Doris'

I, Doris

The self-proclaimed “World’s first middle-aged girl band” have just released their latest single, Just Some Doris and it’s a fiercely feminist theme tune and radical F-you to the patriarchy and we’re here for it.

London-based four-piece I, Doris, all go by the name Doris on stage while sporting their signature red dinnerlady-esque tabards to highlight society’s tendency to disregard women over 40. The lyrics in their latest single mirror this sentiment with lines like “you can just ignore us, don't need to know my name. Girls are all the same”.

The track has a firm nod to ‘Sugar, Honey, Honey’, which is ironic given the lyrics they are singing couldn’t be further from a sickly sweet love song. Intertwining the warm organ and bouncing bassline are lyrics such as “We know our place in the hierarchy, do you think we’re being sarky, names are given by the patriarchy”. Although this is a catchy and rather uplifting number, I, Doris aren’t joking around when it comes to their lyrics. They all sing in unison on the chorus, singing directly to their audience, which gives the song an anthemic quality.

The recording is typical lo-fi DIY style which I, Doris embody so well. The song has a video to accompany it that the band filmed during their time in Brooklyn, New York. Also in traditional DIY style, the video features short clips of the band on every day Brooklyn Streets, with no sign of the big New York landmarks. It’s engaging and fun, highlighting their friendship as a band, with lighthearted humour juxtaposed with their serious lyrics.

I, Doris have succeeded in carving out their own identity - with a theme tune to match - in the DIY feminist band space. They are fun and quirky in delivering something important in today’s society.

Listen to the song and watch the video below!

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