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8 Sexy Guitars to Add to Your Wish List

When it comes to buying a new guitar, there are many factors to consider from tone and whether it will suit your style of playing, to aesthetics and features. The sound of the guitar is arguably the most important, but the look and feel of it will strongly influence your decision whether you want to admit that or not! Here are 8 great sounding guitars that look sexy AF.

Fender Jaguar

The Fender Jaguar is a classic, and a real beaut too.

Introduced in 1962 to lure players from Gibson guitars, the Fender Jaguar is very popular and versatile. It has a striking offset-waist body, which was based on the Jazzmaster and like the Jazzmaster, it also incorporates a dual-circuit control system.

It differs with its 24-inch scale length and stronger single coil pickups, which were shielded with covers to reduce external radio noise - a problem with the Jazzmaster’s soapbars.

The Jaguar was famously used by Kurt Cobain, who had an unusual left-handed 1965 version. It’s also been used by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies and The Beach Boys.

Ernie Ball Music Man St Vincent Collection

The signature collection of Ernie Ball Music Man guitars, designed in 2016 by singer and guitarist, St Vincent (Annie Clark), are a firm favourite of mine. The design is sleek and unique, and inspired by the “glorious space age designs of the Sixties”, which I really love.

It has been claimed that St Vincent designed the “first female-friendly guitar” as its shape is ergonomic, light and allows for boob room (though this particular claim has not been confirmed by Annie herself).

It comes in 4 colours - black, white, blue and sunburst but my favourite is the signature St Vincent blue.

See all models here.

Ibanez 2017 RGDIX6PB Iron Label Electric Guitar

I’ve always been a fan of the sharp design of an Ibanez and when I saw this model in a guitar shop, I fell in love immediately. The combination of the wood with the speckled grey board is very unusual and visually stunning. It also comes in a striking green/blue colour too for the brightly-coloured guitar lovers among us.

Ibanez guitars are widely associated with hard rock and metal and down-tuned playing as it can be tuned down more easily than most electric guitars. However, I'm a huge fan of the clean sound of this model too.

Gretsch - Hollowbody guitar Streamliner g2420

Gretsch are renowned for their hollow bodied guitars and have been played by the likes of Chet Atkins, Pete Townsend, Neil Young and Eddie Cochran. Their soft, clean and warm tone lends itself well to jazz, country and folk playing. Their iconic shape and smart look gained them a spot on this list. This Brooklyn burst G2420 streamliner caught my eye with its vintage appearance and sexy tone.

Luna Henna Oasis & Henna Paradise in Select Spruce

This was going to be a list dedicated to electric guitars, but there are so many beautiful acoustics, so I decided to include a couple. Luna are a perfect example - their intricate designs, which are laser-etched onto the wood are stunning.

Luna was founded by stained glass artist, Yvonne de Villiers whose inspiration comes from her art as well as her bassist mother. The fact she is a stained glass artist is no surprise when seeing Luna designs which often include world culture and nature which make them stand out.

I chose this model as I love the intricate design which partially covers the body, leaving some of the natural wood visible.

Tanglewood Evo Exotic TVCX-PW

As a Tanglewood owner, I always champion these guitars, not least because they sound so good, but they also catch my eye across guitar shops. From pale woods to dark browns, there are a wide variety of colours and designs. Their matte guitars are beautiful, showing off the natural pattern of the wood - simple but effective. I like this model for its dark, striking colour and natural striped pattern.

Gibson Les Paul Signature 'T' - Alpine White Burst

When I first started learning electric guitar, it was my dream to one day own a Gibson Les Paul (and still kind of is). They are a classic, reliably good, popular guitar. Their demand is even more clear from the high sales of the Epiphone Les Paul, a much cheaper version of the Gibson, but with the same look and feel. Famously used by Slash, many famous guitarists have played a Gibson Les Paul model including Jimmy Page, Zakk Wylde, Bob Marley and of course the man himself.

Dean Gui­tars Michael Amott Tyrant X SPL

Though I don’t really play metal and Deans are synonymous with the genre, they are unique, striking and beautiful guitars.

Modelled after the Michael Amott's signature axe, this one caught my eye instantly, particularly the brutal metal-looking blood splatter on the white finish and its battle axe shape (hence the name).

The product has now been discontinued but can still be purhcased on Thomann and for £400.

There you have it - my list of the sexiest guitars I've come across. What sexy guitars do you have on your wish list?

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