5 Cool Music Venues in London

As musicians living in London, we are truly privileged to be a tube ride away from some of the UK's most iconic and interesting music venues. We have chosen our favourites - from the smaller obscurer venues London has to offer, to larger more well-known 5,000 capacity venues.

The Union Chapel, Angel, Islington

the union chapel

We saw the Pierces here a few years ago and have vowed to go back on numerous occasions. Not only is this 19th Gothic revival church beautiful, the acoustics are superb! The haunting melodies of the Pierces reverberating around the room was truly mesmerising.

The venue was voted best live music venue in 2012 by Time Out magazine, demonstrating its popularity. It doesn't function purely as a music venue but also as a drop-in centre for homeless people, and as a functioning church.

Another interesting fact I came across about this venue is that it is the only church in the country

with a fully working original hydraulic (water powered) blowing system, which can be used as an alternative to the electric blowers - pretty cool!

Website: http://www.unionchapel.org.uk/


roundhouse london

We recorded our first few songs as young musicians at the Roundhouse - for free! Roundhouse is a registered charity helping those aged 18-25 to start their career in music.

Not only did it help get us started in music, we've also attended many gigs here over the years, including First Aid Kit this month (which was amazing). See our blog about it, here.

Despite its decent size, we still found we were easily able to get close to the stage and there was still an intimate feel to it, which is why we love this venue so much.

Website: http://www.roundhouse.org.uk/

Village Underground

village underground

Located in East London, Shoreditch, we visited this venue for the first time about a year ago to see The Big Moon. It's an interesting space - we thought it might be an old station hence the name and appearance. Turns out it was an old coal-store for the railway but had fallen into disrepair years ago.

Today, it is home to a number of creatives who use the co-working space, and the venue is used to hold a variety of events.

It's a really quirky, interesting space - we definitely recommend checking out what's on there and checking it out.

Website: http://www.villageunderground.co.uk/

o2 Academy Brixton

academy brixton