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In Limbo: EP Launch Party!

Last night we held our EP launch to showcase our much anticipated EP: In Limbo. We have been working on our EP for about 6 months and it contains 4 tracks written and performed by us, with some guidance from our friend and sound engineer, Paul.

We decided to hold the launch at Naz's house, rather than a pub or music venue, as we wanted to perform unplugged and create an intimate atmosphere. Naturally, we went for fairy lights and candles!


We invited some of our musical friends along to perform. We had music from country/pop singer-songwriter Kaity Rae, Paul Riches who recorded and mixed our tracks, and anti-folk singer-songwriter Rob Chapman. We were lucky to be supported by such talented musicians!

Left to right: Kaity Rae, Rob Chapman, Naz & Ella, Paul Riches.

This was our first time organising our own gig, so we weren't sure how many people would come along. But as more guests arrived, the room soon filled up!

We had "limited edition" CDs made for the launch, which we sold during the night! We designed the artwork ourselves, which was then created by Ella's dad. Each CD comes in a handmade wallet.

Overall, it was a great evening and probably one of our favourite gigs! We'll definitely be hosting something like this again. We enjoyed being able to showcase our music to an attentive audience in an intimate setting. If you're thinking about hosting your own gig at home, we highly recommend it!

About our tracks

We wanted to explore a range of subjects that affect both us and the world we live in. As 2016 was a year of major political events, we decided it would be appropriate to write a song on the UK's departure from the European Union, in our title track In Limbo - a reference to the situation we feel we are in at the moment!

The second track, Love Is Love, was released as a single in October. We were lucky enough to have it played on several BBC Introducing shows, including BBC Introducing London and selected as Track Of The Week on BBC Introducing Beds, Herts, and Bucks. The song is about having the freedom to love whom you choose irrespective of race, gender, and religion. We focused more on the aspect of religion when writing this song.

The third track, Broken Heart Blues explores the themes of love and loss. While we tend to steer away from love songs, we thought "what EP is complete without a love song?" It's an honest song about letting go of someone, even when that might be the hardest thing to do.

The final track, Blind Eye, was recorded as a live take with limited production. As a result, the song isn't as polished as the others. However, we wanted a song with a more natural feel, truly capturing the song as it is, which we thought was also appropriate for the subject matter. The lyrics were written as a narrative of a man struggling with homelessness. What we wanted to get across is that anyone can become homeless for many reasons, irrespective of their background.

Limited edition CDs are available from us directly. Please contact us if you'd like one as they are not available online.

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