The duo’s no-frills acoustic arrangement, and summer-lawn harmonies will prick-up the ears of traditional protest folk-lovers, and their queer-punk ethos will warm the cockles of DIY fans like ourselves. Hope to see these two live soon.

 ~ Cassie Fox, LOUD WOMEN

Wake Up America! (Ban The Gun)’ is a no nonsense, no frills, protest song. They have a real passion for using their music as a space to explore topics that deserve a platform

~ Nikki Robson, Spotlight UK

"Their stripped back folksy loveliness inevitably brings to mind First Aid Kit and The Staves. . . Music like Naz & Ella’s lives and dies by its honesty, and here they lay out their vulnerability for all to see. They find strength though when their voices harmonise, and that unexplainable alchemy lifts this already lovely track into a new plane."

~ Max Pilley, Fresh on the Net

"The unified vocals of Naz & Ella entwine together beautifully here and form a harmonious aura that manifests in a melancholic sound...all of the tracks on the ‘In Limbo’ EP ultimately shine due to their stripped-back simplicity regarding their instrumentals as well as in the vocals. Naz & Ella thus create a memorable sound that has the potential to touch the soul."

 ~ Michael Paramo, The Queerness

"For its sense of honesty and unapologetic storytelling, In Limbo places itself in high standards. The gentle combination of vocals and guitar ... go a long way on this debut EP in sparking interest, in not just the London duo, but the topics that they are clearly passionate about."

 ~ Doyle Smith, Velvet Independent

"Although far from their sole focus, it is their beady eye on social issues that captured my attention to the material of Naz & Ella.

The duo deliver music that has a fragility which is reflective of the subject matter at hand, affording the songs their powerful presence..."

 ~ Tim Whale, Emerging Indie Bands

Q&A with local Times journalist, Rachel Russell. Click here to read the full interview.

"Naz and Ella's debut single 'Love Is Love' is a memorable song which takes you on a soothing journey with its sweet melody and harmonies, carefully crafted chords and earnest lyrics. . . [They] have a rawness about them which is really refreshing."

 ~ Lucy Lerner, BritznBeatz

"They harmonize beautifully on this rich and folk-esque track (Love is Love). Sincerity and a warm heart are thrown in throughout and delivered skillfully by the duo."

~ Janette, Girl Underground Music



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